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DEIPA is a newly invented alkanolamine becoming widely used in the formulation of cement additives and concrete admixtures.
As it can surprisingly enhance cement compressive strength at all ages, cement grinding aids producers worldwide are now gradually using it as substitutes for TIPA & TEA to save cost and get better quality products.
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This example illustrates the enhanced compressive strengths of mortars    Produced from Six different Portland cements with the addition of DEIPA when compared with cements prepared With TIPA and TEA. Two inch mortar cubes were produced from six commercially available cements using the procedure specified in ASTM C109. Additives were added to the mixing water before the addition of the cement,
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High Quality Flexitank:each can contain around 20 metric tons
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A particular advantage of the additive of the invention is that it may be either interground or intermixed with the cement. As used herein, the terms “interground” and “intermixed” refer to the particular stage of the cement processing in which the DEIPA or EDIPA is added. They may be added to the clinker during the finish grinding stage and thus interground to help reduce
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• DEIPA should be disposed of to landfill.
• The following precautions should be taken regarding storage of DEIPA:
− Do not store in copper, copper alloys, aluminium or aluminium alloys
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