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the best raw material for cement grinding aids


A particular advantage of the additive of the invention is that it may be either interground or intermixed with the cement. As used herein, the terms “interground” and “intermixed” refer to the particular stage of the cement processing in which the DEIPA or EDIPA is added. They may be added to the clinker during the finish grinding stage and thus interground to help reduce the energy requirements and provide a uniform free flowing cement powder with reduced tendency to form lumps during storage. It is also possible to add the subject additives as an admixture to powdered cement either prior to, in conjunction With, or after the addition of water when effecting the hydraulic setting of the cement. Further, the additives of this invention may be supplied in a pure concentrated form, or diluted in aqueous or organic solvents, and may also be used in combination with other chemical admixtures, including but not limited to: accelerating admixtures, air entrainers, air detrainers, water reducing admixtures, retarding admixtures (as defined in ASTM C494) and the like, and mixtures thereof. The additive according to the invention may be used with ordinary cement or with blended cements.

The DEIPA and EDIPA additives of the invention are added to the cement in an amount up to 0.1%, preferably less than 0.05%, and most preferably between 0.001% and 0.03%, based on the weight of the cement.

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